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Unites States v. Alfonso Velo,  Et al  - ECF filings in case 10-00162-CR-W-FJG -  Case assigned to district Judge Fernando J. Gaitan - referred to Magistrate Judge Robert Larsen. 

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Copy of official PACER Docket current as of 01/23//11 at 14:30 hours CST -  122 pages

The FIRST superseding indictment. PDF - 5/26/10
The SECOND superseding indictment PDF - 6/10/11
An Indictment is merely an accusation and no evidence of guilt
.  The United States must prove and establish by credible admissible evidence that the acts charged by the grand jury in the indictment are true beyond a reasonable doubt.  The grand jury, a secret deliberative body under the control of the prosecutor, is not required and does not make such a finding -- it only brings charges based to large extent on summary hearsay evidence presented by the prosecutor.

Attorney Contact List -  All area codes are 816 unless otherwise noted.  Numbers outside the KC metro calling area also contain an area code as do Kansas calls, local and long distance.

United States, Plaintiff,  AUSA Brent Venneman;  426-4255 Email: brent.venneman@usdoj.gov

Yellow highlight indicates that plea has been entered or there was a conviction on trial.
Purple highlight indicates that a plea has been set but not entered yet
Green highlight indicates sentence has been imposed

New/Old Defendant  - Months bop Attorney  Phone Email Address    


Velo, Alfonso 75 Morgan, Melanie S 913 829 6336 mmorgan@morganpilate.com


Nevarez, Ricardo 60 Cornwell, Carl 913 254 7600 cornwell-law@sbcglobal.net


Hampton, Shawn 200 Ross, Daniel J 816 931-5000 danielrossllc@gmail.com


Hale, Brice C 60 Joel Schwartz 314 862-4332 jschwartz@rsrglaw.com


Roberson, Delbert 60 Gibson, Phillip R 913 652 9800 phil0704@aol.com


 Naricco, T. Scott,

240 Robin Fowler  816 471 8282 robin@bathedmonds.com


Johnson, Calah D 240 Kurt Marquart 816-421-5063 kmarqart@swbell.net


Hooker, John L.   * DECEASED * N/A N/A


Johnson, Ray A 64 Hunt, Susan M 816 221 4588 shunt5733@aol.com


Carter, Jason R. 30 Pettlon, N. Trey III 913 393 2100 trey@pettlonlaw.com


Campbell, Justin J.  36 Osgood, John R 816 525 8200 jrosgood@earthlink.net


Roberts, Anatar 151 Nouri, Lisa G. 816 471 1000 lisanouri_atty@hotmail.com
  13 Young, Gregory P. 120 White, F.A. (Al) 816 454 5300 fawhite@sbcglobal.net
  14 Brown, Ronnell  37 Harrison, Eugene E. 816 550 4289 eharrison@kc.rr.com
4 15 Smith, Mylin D. 86 McCauley, Alex 913 390 5023 alexmccauley@everestkc.net
5 16 Wiggins, Theodore S LIFE  Walker, Micahel 816 455-6511 mwwalk@sbcglobal.net
  17 Jones, Andreya 60 Nick Seacord 816 808-7169 ncswv9@mail.umkc.edu
  18 Byndom, Sterling 30 Partee, Ronald E. 816 531 3500 rpartee@fox-partee-nigro.com
  19 Gay, Marcus L.  46 Altieri, Dana M 816 347 1818 dana@mokanlegal.com
  20 White, Keiyatie  24 Sandage, Lance D. 816 753 0800 lance@sandagelaw.com
  21 Cain, Dorothea L. 72 Johnson, David H 816 531 7100 dhjlaw@live.com
  22 Barrett, Adrian U 120  Robertson, Katrina 816 584 9393 kyr@kyrobertsonlaw.com
  23 Holguin-Bonilla,  12 Duma, John M. 913 782 7072 john@dumalaw.com
6   Blewett, Terrance 50 Guastello, David 816 256 0835 david@guastellolaw.com
7   Russell, Taisha 46 Epps, Willie (Jr.) 816 474 6550 wepps@shb.com

Note on plea agreements:  Current policy in the Western District of Missouri is to file a separate non-public addendum with the court in cases where a defendant is a cooperating individual eligible for a possible rule 35 and/or 5K1.1 departure of the sentence. The plea agreement on file with PACER viewable here usually does not indicate one way or the other whether such an agreement is in place and may not therefore represent the full scope of the agreement between the government and the defendant in any particular case.

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